Our Promise

With 16 years of experience in Physiotherapy, SkinPhysio is the first aesthetic-physio clinic in Singapore

  • Safe and Non-Invasive

    Non-surgical treatments with no downtime

  • 100% Science-Based

    Latest technologies with proven results

  • Professional Physiotherapists

    All treatments are handled by qualified healthcare professionals

Our Expertise

  • Mich, Director

    "Grace was very personable and professional throughout the session, taking time to hear me out to find out about the treatment outcomes I wished to see. Grace was able to confidently recommend an efficient treatment plan that will meet my desired outcomes. The treatment session was both comfortable and soothing"

  • Joachim, Vice President

    "I tried SkinPhix™ to reduce and reshape my tummy. I have been exercising but just couldn’t rid the fats around the tummy. After 2 treatments, my tummy is flatter and my abs are more visible. The treatment feels comfortably warm and it’s amazing!"

  • Giliian, Mother of 2

    "I have been struggling with a fatty double chin and couldn't get rid of the fats expecially after my 1st child until I found Grace. She was very patient and explained the methods and the technology of the TECAR treatment. Now my chin is more defined and I feel more confident. Will be doing the treatments on my tummy and arms"


Who are suitable for SkinPhix™?

SkinPhix™ is suitable for any individual who wants to reduce fats, reshape their body, tighten skin and reduce cellulites. It has been applied in treatments for women in various life stages from active life to post-pregnancy to perimenopause to regain their best self, boost health and confidence in a non-invasive, non ablative and safe way

Are the SkinPhix™ treatments painful?

No. SkinPhix™ treatments are performed by highly trained and experienced physiotherapist with care. You may be experience comfortable heat during treatments but it is not painful

What can I expect during the first appointment?

There will be a consultation session during the first appointment before the treatment. Medical history, weight and skin fold measurements are taken and recorded. Your treatment concerns and goals will be established and treatment plan will be discussed and explained before treatment commence

How many sessions will I need to see results?

SkinPhix™ treatments have shown visible and positive outcomes after 2-3 sessions in most cases. However, there is no fixed answer to this question as the baseline conditions, lifestyle and dietary habits varies from one individual to another. Generally, most individuals are very happy with their treatment outcomes after 6-8 sessions.

Are there other health benefits from SkinPhix™?

Yes. SkinPhix™ treatments also improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Other benefits observed include fast muscle strengthening, improvement to stretch mark and cesarean scar, relaxation of abdominal belt, reduce water retention, abdominal pain and inflammatory reactions

Are there any side effects from the treatments?

No side effects have been observed from SkinPhix™ treatments. But as part of our safety protocol, anyone who experiences discomfort or has any health concerns will be advised to consult their doctors before resuming any treatment

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