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Cosmetician – prepare your business to the post COVID-19 reality

Cosmetician – prepare your business to the post COVID-19 reality

COVID-19 has already changed our lives indefinitely. The consequences are far-reaching: Our professional and social lives have been suspended, and many of us have been forced into lockdown. The economy has been shut down almost completely and educational and cultural activity has stopped.  

Luckily enough, people are adaptive creatures. People are now studying and working remotely, from their own homes. To avoid spreading the disease, people now shop for groceries, goods, clothes, and even medications on-line. 

Industries and businesses around the world are changing accordingly. Businesses are adapting to the post-COVID-19 world, adopting new strategies, and taking actions to better fit to the post-COVID-19 world. 

COVID-19's effect on the beauty industry

Much like any industry, the beauty industry has been shocked by COVID-19. Traditionally, the beauty industry is considered a strong industry that is less vulnerable to recession and crisis. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about some changes in the industry: 

Increased online sales

Lockdowns stopped all in-store shopping, thus creating growth in online sales in general and in the beauty industry in particular. Experts suggest online revenues will rise 20-30% in the long term. 

Increased online sales - Cosmetic treatments

Rapid innovations

Demand in the beauty industry is changing and the pressure to develop new products is rising. Thus, fresh products and advanced, modern technologies will spread out soon. 

More is spent on skincare

People don’t go out as often, and when they do, they wear a mask to cover their face for most of the time. This reduces the need and use of lipstick and make-up. The expected decline in spending on these products will increase the spending on skincare. 

More time available for skincare

People now spend more time at home and thus making more available time to take skin-care treatment, whether on their own or by a professional. 

Cosmeticians and the post-COVID-19 world

Cosmeticians are no different than any other professionals around the world, and they too need to adjust to better fit the post-COVID-19 world. 

Keep safe and follow the rules and regulations

Cosmeticians will need to wear masks and gloves during all time, keep as much distance as they can, and keep hygiene rules. Also, all customers will need to sign that they do not have a fever, do not cough, and were not exposed to a sick person in the prior 2 weeks.   

Anti-aging device - covid19 new reality

Get supply, products, and accessories online

As in-store purchases are unavailable to some extent, cosmeticians need to order more products and professional supplies online to minimize their costs. 

Increase digital presence   

People now spend more time online than ever. This creates a great opportunity for cosmeticians that now can capture their clients and potential clients' attention more easily by using digital marketing. 

Cosmetician, increase your digital presence - Future of skincare

Offer greater value for customers

Competition between markets is greater, and cosmeticians will need to offer greater value for customers. This means better cosmetics treatments, better facial treatments, special offers & promotions, and probably making treatments available also in client’s houses. 

 Cosmetics treatments at the client's house

It looks like treatment at home is the future of skincare. With the virus spreading outside, people now order in their groceries, medications, and more. It is only natural that cosmetic treatments will also take place at their homes. 

Cosmeticians will need to adjust. They will need to develop the ability to pack all their professional equipment and take it on the road. Gloves, moisturizers, exfoliators, cleansers, etc. are easy to pack and you can easily find packages that are costume made for that.  

Modern technology allows you to give your clients the best rejuvenating skincare at their homes. Today you can find small, portable anti-aging device and skin rejuvenation machine. Devices like JÓLI360 combine multiple technologies that allow you to give a variety of treatments like LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy), RF (Bipolar Radio Frequency), and electric pulse (ELP) to your clients at their own home since the product is portable and easy to carry.