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Does your clinic have the top important things a cosmetician needs?

Does your clinic have the top important things a cosmetician needs?

Cosmetics can be a misleading profession. Yes, it is very rewarding, dynamic, with flexible hours that allow you to manage your own time and duties. But it is also demanding as frequent scientific, medical and technological advancements force cosmeticians to always develop themselves. Making it as a cosmetician, if so, requires a rather wide set of skills. 

What makes a good cosmetician?  

A passion for beauty

A cosmetician needs, first and foremost, a passion for the profession. Aesthetics is an art, and without passion, an artist cannot produce desired results. If you want to be successful in this field, you will need to work hard, and constantly expand your knowledge, and those won't happen if you're not passionate about it.   

Professional knowledge

Aesthetics is an ever-changing field, where innovations and technologies pop up every other day. Thus, a cosmetician needs to constantly feel the “buzz” on the industry and catch up with all the latest news, trends, developments, and technologies. 

To give their clients the best treatments available, cosmeticians will need to learn and control the new techniques and to acquire the newest and best skincare devices. 

Good sales skills

A big part of cosmetician income comes from sales, that is, sales of beauty treatments and products on their various forms. Nevertheless, the ability to sell to a client another treatment that does not come at the expense of professional and quality treatment.

Good communications skills 

You know that awkward feeling you get when the driver of the taxi just won't shut up? Or during an awkward silence with your colleagues at lunch? Well, your clients don't want to feel either one of those during their treatments. Thus, a cosmetician needs to know exactly when his clients want to enjoy nice small talk, deep talk, or is having a bad day and just wants a quiet hour. Having good communication skills and being a good conversation partner is part of the set of skills a cosmetician needs and can easily raise the appeal or charm. Every now and then, cosmeticians and clients relationships goes behind the treatments, so who knows, you might make some new friends.

What are the current trends?  

As mentioned earlier, keeping up with current trends is one of the most important things for cosmeticians. Here are the 3 of the most important things for all cosmeticians in 2020:

Personalized treatments

Everything is personalized nowadays; from the food we eat to the ads we watch online. As in everything else, the skin rejuvenation world is not left behind, and personalized skin treatment or personalized skin management is now one of the trendiest things in the field. 

Every cosmetician knows that different skins require different treatments. Personalized skin management is based on a thorough skin analysis. Skin analysis includes elasticity measurement, sebum measurement (among others), these allowing you to set the type and amount of treatments needed together with the client. Advanced devices like JÓLI360 measure hydration, elasticity, and sebum levels of the skin, allowing you to personalize the skincare treatment of your clients so they can get the optimal visible results possible. 

Using advanced multiple technologies

Usually, skin analysis tells us that the client's skin requires a variety of treatments. Recent technology advancement allows you to easily offer your clients' synergic skincare treatments. JÓLI360, for example, allows you to give your clients an LLLT treatment (Low-Level Laser Therapy), RF treatment (Bipolar Radio Frequency), and electric pulse (ELP), while also delivering serum and gel to the skin, all in one device. Skin rejuvenation was never that simple!

Small & Portable

Phones, Computers, headphones - Almost any technological device out there got smaller, smarter, and portable in the past decades. Now advanced aesthetics devices are catching up. Skincare devices now contain more data to boost personalized service, and most importantly offer more features and capabilities. Advanced devices like JÓLI360 are smarter, IoT devices, that can be easily operated and controlled from a tablet or smartphone app. Moreover, they are smaller and portable, which is especially important in the post-COVID-19 world, where skin rejuvenation treatments at the client's house are now a thing.