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Facing the Facts – 8 Myths About Anti-Aging

Facing the Facts – 8 Myths About Anti-Aging

"Once wrinkles appear, there is no way back", " If you smile a lot you will have many wrinkles" and " In the end, it's all about genetics". How many times have you heard these sentences? Do you know how true is all that? 

We have explored in-depth 8 myths on anti-aging to find out what anti-aging treatments you must consider and what is considered total nonsense.

So which of the myths are true and which ones are false? Let's face the facts:

Ó In the end, it's all about genetics - False! 

Yes, genes have a big impact on how we age, but that's not all. Beyond that, there is also the lifestyle: sun exposure, nutrition, medication, stressed lifestyle and more. Smoking, for example, has a particularly critical effect on the skin – even tightening the lips causes wrinkles over the lips. This means that not everything is genetically based.

Is it all genetics?

Ó If you smile or frown less, you will have fewer wrinkles – True! 

That's right, but don't rush to take your smile off your face. Our facial expressions do effects how the face wrinkles, but the thought of smiling less is what makes it funny. If you smile, the lips are straightening and the skin around the eyes can absorb the wrinkles, what is known as laugh lines – which in many people is quite graceful. 

An everyday habit that you can change, is the sleeping posture – it is a posture we spend many hours on and influences the facial skin. Sleeping on the back or side instead of on the abdomen will cause the face to wrinkle less.

Ó Once wrinkles appear, there is no way back – False!

There is always something to do. The wrinkles may not disappear but if you treat your skin right, it can look more saturated. It doesn't mean the wrinkles will completely disappear, but they will be less plowed and more refined. One of the three treatments JÓLI360™ offers is the LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) that is treating skin rejuvenation and works effectively on wrinkles by increasing collagen production. This treatment shows a significant reduction in total wrinkles and elastosis.

Ó The sooner you start treating – the better – True! 

At what age should facial treatments begin?

You don't have to wait for your 40s or to wait for the first wrinkle to appear to start treating the skin damages. Cosmetician has nothing to do with age, but skin conditions. Everyone is recommended to be prepared according to its skin condition. A 25-year-old young woman can also start having anti-aging treatments.

Beyond that, some things must be taken care of at an early age to avoid damage later. It is very important not to go to bed with makeup! Clean your face, and drink plenty of water – these actions are recommended at any age, to maintain skin. 

Ó There's no need to protect the skin from sun damages, when it's not sunny outside – False! 

One of the biggest harm to the skin is sunlight and radiation in general, which accelerates skin aging. Sunscreen, or for that matter even a makeup that contains a sunscreen, not protect us only of skin-cancer but also incremental damage to the skin daily, and not just from the sun – even from computer neonates and monitors. 

Ó Facial muscle exercises prevent wrinkles – False!

Facial muscle exercise may strengthen the skin's elasticity, but they are not a wrinkle treatment. Yet, multiple muscle exercises can cause additional wrinkles and aggravate the already existing wrists.

Ó When skin wrinkles become deep, there is no escape from facelift surgery -  False!

A few years ago, this myth was still true, so what has made the difference? Hyaluronic acid copes well with wrinkles and manages to smooth them out while regaining lost volume. Until a few years ago, patients had to undergo a facelift surgery, which included general anesthesia, significant pain, and a fast recovery period, but our Electroporation (ELP) treatment can increase the penetration efficiency of the active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic acid and deliver it directly into the cell for optimal treatment.

Ó Drinking water raises the level of moisture in the skin - False! 

Many healing properties are attributed to water, but raising the level of moisture in the skin is not one of them. The amount of water in the epidermal layers evaporates at a rate that depends on the integrity of the epidermal barrier and not the amount of water we drink. It is not possible to water the skin, but it is possible to affect the skin's moisture through creams rich inactive ingredients, which improve the epidermal barrier and help prevent much water loss or the moisture and softness of the corneal layer. Also, some treatments can raise the level of moisture in the skin.

Our face is the mirror of our body and soul. When you're healthy, eating right, resting enough and giving yourself all the care that you need, your skin looks more vital and healthy. So put some cream, smile at the world (and damn it with the wrinkles) and be sure it'll smile back at you.