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How to maintain skincare routine while staying at home

How to maintain skincare routine while staying at home

In light of recent developments regarding the Covid-19 that affects almost the entire world and has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO), many people are forced to change their routines and stay home for an extended period of time. In such situations, it is very easy to abandon ourselves. Most of us stay in pajamas, not investing in makeup and hair and this can cause mood swings. 

Since a visit to the cosmetician, the hairdresser and the nail polish clinic is forbidden and there is no choice but to take care of ourselves while at home.

Follow our recommendations that will help you maintain care even if you are in isolation. 

Get rid of the pajamas 

The first thing you can do to feel better and raise your mood, regardless of treating your facial skincare, is to dress up as if you were going to work. Staying in pajamas sounds fun and cozy, but it makes us feel it’s a never-ending weekend, lowers our energies and increases fatigue. Dress well, put your make-up on and see how your efficiency and motivation increases in few minutes.

Don't give up the moisturizer

Maintain the routine of face washing and moisturizing every morning. There's nothing like opening the morning with a clean, fresh face. We encourage you not to change almost anything from your routine - drink your coffee calmly, listen to pleasant music and do whatever it can to make you feel like any other day.

Be your own cosmetician 

Although you have no option of frequent facial treatments outside your home, there is a way that will allow you to look as if there is a regular appointment for a cosmetician. To remove the fats and dirt from the pores of the skin once a week, devote a light technique that all it takes is a hot shower. But the intention is not to wash the face with water, but to expose them to the hot steam in the bathroom - long enough to allow the pores to open. You can also soak a clean face towel in the water and heat it for about 20 seconds in the microwave, transferring it gently on the facial skin to help release the oil, sweat, dirt, and bacteria from the pores.

Treat your skin before going to bed 

New skin cells grow faster during sleep and a good grooming routine before going to bed should be a high priority. The goal is to repair the damage from daytime pollution and stress and of course, moisturize the skin. We lose a lot more fluid from the skin during sleep. It is therefore advisable to give him a lot of moisture. Besides moisturizing, it is recommended to choose a cream or serum that will repair the skin but will also nourish and soothe it and allow it to remain supple.

Treat yourself with a facial massage

Occasionally treat your face with a simple facial massage. Use your forefinger and middle finger with one hand to make 20 rounds between the eyebrows. Apply gentle pressure to each spine for 10 seconds, then move to the jaw joint for another 10 seconds (gently tighten teeth at this time). The massage will smooth the skin and soothe the muscles by performing unnecessary micro-movements that create wrinkles due to the tension. 

Hopefully, we will know calmer days and we will all be back to routine soon - for our work, for transporting the children to schools, and for the appointments with our cosmetician.