How to Make Your Clinic’s Waiting Room More Inviting?

How to Make Your Clinic’s Waiting Room More Inviting?

The waiting room is the first room your clients get to visit when they come to your clinic, and you probably want to make them feel comfortable while they’re waiting. We made a list of simple things you can do to make your waiting room more inviting.

Offer a coffee and snacks area

Your patients come to you to relax and stop the daily routine. This experience should start from the waiting room, where they can spend the waiting time most pleasantly. A coffee area that offers hot and cold water, milk, coffee, sugar, different types of tea and snacks can contribute to the experience and give patients a pleasant time. If you advocate a healthy lifestyle, you can upgrade it with healthy snacks.

Add a children's play area

You are probably aware of the fact that some clients bring their children for treatments because they have no other place to leave them. Waiting can be tedious for young children and it can cause stress for the parent and disturb the other people in the room. A play area for children will solve the problem and give them a few minutes of silence, so everyone will be happy.

Show off your work

Show images and videos of treatments to inspire the clients, especially if this is the first time they're in your clinic. Show them the different kinds of treatments you offer. In this way, you can expose them to treatments they didn't even know they need and increase sales.

Introduce new treatments

If a new treatment has just arrived at your clinic, this is the place to share it with your clients! for example, if you just bought JÓLI360™ and you want your clients to learn more about it, hang roll-ups, posters and give flyers with short information (or present banners on your screen, if you're a digital person). You can also play a brand video of this brand in the event you have a big screen in the waiting room. This will raise their curiosity about the treatment and motivate them to ask for more information

Provide free Wi-Fi

There's a say: "Home is where wi-fi connected automatically". Your clinic is not their home, but your clients will appreciate you much more if you provide free wi-fi so they won't be disconnected from the world.

Provide free WiFi in your clinic

Provide charging station

Wi-fi will not worth a thing if their phone will be out of battery, right? Add accessible charging stations close to the chairs or couches.

Introduce your team

Strengthen customer relationships with your team, by hanging pictures of them on the walls or the screens. Write a short paragraph about each, including their professional experience, so when they meet them in person, they will trust them and will feel like they already know them.

Keep it clean!

A clean place will make waiting much more comfortable and will confirm that your clinic is clean and tidy

Keep your clinic clean .

Provide magazines

if you prefer the old fashion, provide some interesting magazines in the field of cosmetics and beauty. A good magazine always spends the time pleasantly. Be sure the magazines are not from 20 years ago…

Keep in touch

The fact that they are in the waiting room does not mean that they should not be treated. Make sure to greet them as they enter. If you can hire someone for the front desk, that would be great, but if you don't have enough staff, make sure you stay in touch with the clients even while they wait. Occasionally update them when their turn comes and give them a feeling that they are not alone.

If you follow even a few of the tips above, you will feel the difference in your clients’ satisfaction. And remember - a happy customer is a repeat customer!

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