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Why is it important to provide quick results and no downtime treatments?

Why is it important to provide quick results and no downtime treatments?

There are a lot of things that clients need to consider before starting a facial treatment - the type of treatment, cost, results, the technology used, and last but not least how much downtime will be required as a result of the treatment.

A quick result and no downtime treatments may be the X factor that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and increase your customer base.

When talking about cosmetics treatments that are meant to improve the face's look and make the client look fresher, younger and glower, it is not enough just to achieve all that, but it is important to achieve it quickly enough, so the client will feel the difference immediately. 

Treatments scheduling – now, and then 

Years ago, clients had to schedule their facial treatments wisely. Most of them preferred to set treatments to evenings and weekends, so the red marks on their face will not disturb their daily routine. No one wants to attend a big meeting when his/her face looks like it went through a plow, right? It could also cause a serious and unwanted load in the clinics at a given time, while the rest of the day, the clinic may stand empty and the owner can only wait for someone to visit.   

Nowadays, more and more devices understand the necessity of quick treatments and flexible schedules, that is why our “lunchtime” procedure with JÓLI360 is the ideal solution for your clinic. , You can provide your customers three different treatments in one device – increasing collagen for skin rejuvenation (with LLLT), applying an electric pulse to increases the penetration efficiency of active ingredients (with ELP), and improving the alignment, thickness, and structure of the collagen (with RF).  These 3 treatments take only 25 minutes, together! It means that your clients can come over during their lunch break to comprehensive treatment and get back to work immediately, with no pain, no red marks, and no downtime.

When they get back to work, they will look fresh and glowing, but no one would never guess they had just been treated, because it looks so natural. Aside from that, we are recommending around 8 treatments, once a week, to achieve the perfect look they're looking for- so even the commitment is not too long and easy to accomplish.

How to manage your calendar 

With JÓLI360, each client gets his/her customer card in the application, so you can collect data from the first treatment and follow the progress of the treatments from session to session. You can also manage your contact and schedule appointments through the app. Your clients will be more satisfied, they'll get what they wanted in the best, fastest and most comfortable way, and above all that – you will be able to manage your calendar in a much more balanced way and deploy the treatments throughout the week much more logically and conveniently. You will also be able to receive more clients a day and increase your revenues.

It's time for a change in the world of skin rejuvenation. Bring your clients the beauty of tomorrow, today.