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About Us

Hello. My name is Grace Ho and I am the Principal Physiotherapist and Co-founder of SkinPhysio. For the last 16 years, I have specialized in combining manual therapy, TECAR© therapy, ultrasound therapy and electromusculo stimulation and developed SkinPhix™, a proprietary treatment protocol for skin tightening, muscle firming and adipose and cellulite reduction.

I have discovered that more often than not, the same clients who sees me for musculoskeletal injury also have aesthetics concerns like skin laxity, cellulites on thighs and adipose build up in the tummy and bum areas, just to name a few. The application of SkinPhix™ treatments will effectively achieve cellulite reduction, skin tightening and adipose tissues reduction.I typically work personally with each of my clients, customizing solutions for each of their unique concerns. At SkinPhysio, I believe in providing every client with high quality, value for money, personalized, safe and non-invasive treatments with a focus on therapeutic and aesthetics improvement.

The Tecar therapy device promotes an increase in temperature in the deep dermis that damages the adipocyte membrane, resulting in the release of free fatty acids. The damage to the adipocyte membrane induces the activation of macrophages and other inflammatory mediators, which cause tissue reorganisation. We have also observed an improvement in terms of looseness and the smoothing and softening of the skin. Although these effects are mentioned in the literature, they are rarely mentioned regarding Tecar therapy, with more studies focused on the effects in deep tissues. Therefore, this study sought to investigate the effects of different forms of Tecar therapy stimulation on adipose tissue

Is SkinPhix™ just another beauty treatment?

Very often when I mention SkinPhix™, the question I get is, ‘Is it a face treatment like those in a beauty spa or aesthetic clinic?’My straight answer is NO. For a few good reasons. SkinPhix™ is not limited to the face. It also treats multiple other areas such as the neck, arm, abdomen, bum, thighs and legs. Unlike typical beauty and aesthetic treatments which focus on reshaping and/or resurfacing your skin, SkinPhix™ is not only concerned about your aesthetics needs but also therapeutic improvements, for example our treatments for reduction of bums cellulite will also improve lymphatic circulation; tummy skin tightening will also activate abdominal muscles firming; or face skin tightening can reduce water retention and swelling.

How SkinPhix™ started?

For the last 16 years, I have spent more than 18,000 hours in providing treatments for thousands of clients ranging from corporate professionals, chief executives, professional athletes etc. I lecture at the Republic Polytechnic and regularly review research papers related to my areas of specialization, such as TECAR© therapy, ultrasound therapy, manual therapy and electromusculostimulation therapy.

Of all the treatments I've performed, one of the most unforgettable case happened in 2016. 34 year old Ms Lee came to see me as she developed a right-sided Bell's Palsy condition after her tumour removal surgery. Half her face was drooping like a stroke patient because of a viral infection to her facial muscles. I could feel the emotional distress she was in and took her through 12 sessions of treatment. By the end of the 8th session, the right side of her face was visibly plumped up and lifted and looking even more youthful than the left side. From then, I treated several more people with Bell's Palsy and saw a consistent outcome from my treatment protocol. And SkinPhix™ was born.

With the recent explosion of new aesthetics technology such as Ultherapy, Thermage, Coolsculpting, Cyrotherapy/fat freezing, microneedling, IPL, LED light therapy, chemical peels, Oxygen jet treatment, Exilis, Tripolar RF, Multipolar RF, HIFU etc, my co-founders and I have spent countless hours researching and assessing their real world efficacy, as well as safety in providing therapeutic and aesthetic improvement to connective and muscular tissues.

However, these technologies do not satisfy our criteria in either safety and/or effectiveness in delivering both therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. In a bid to develop safe and effective solutions to our clients, we have co-founded SkinPhysio with our trademark treatment SkinPhix™, based on the principles that our treatments are scientifically- and evidence-based. All our treatments must deliver therapeutic and aesthetic improvements in a safe, personalized and professional way.

We are proud to bring to you SkinPhix™, your safe, effective and non-invasive solution to skin tightening, cellulite and adipose tissue reduction and swelling reduction.