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"I was referred to Grace for Bell’s Palsy in 2016. The muscles on the left side of my face was infected after a surgery and it looked like I had a stroke. I was very worried and distressed. But Grace was very reassuring and after about 8 treatments, I could see significant improvements to my face. To my surprise, I noticed that the left side of my face looked more plump and youthful than my right! It was then I realized that the treatment by Grace not only helped treat my Bell’s Palsy condition; it rejuvenated my face!"

- Rebecca, Age 54


"Grace was very personable and professional throughout the session, taking time to hear me out to find out about the treatment outcomes I wished to see. Grace was able to confidently recommend an efficient treatment plan that will meet my desired outcomes. The treatment session was both comfortable and soothing, Grace was very attentive to ensure maximum comfort level for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were secondary benefits to this treatment, such as aiding my digestive system. Throughout the session, Grace patiently explained what she was going to do next, and the purpose of each treatment step. Aside from seeing immediate outcomes after the first session (and feeling better about myself!!), I went away being better educated about my body's physiology. Can't wait for my next treatment session with Grace!"

- Mich, Director, Age 37


"I tried SkinPhix™ to reduce and reshape my tummy. I have been exercising but just couldn’t rid the fats around the tummy. After 2 treatments, my tummy is flatter and my abs are more visible. The treatment feels comfortably warm and it’s amazing!"

 - Joachim, VP, 42


"I have been struggling with a fatty double chin and couldn't get rid of the fats expecially after my 1st child until I found Grace. She was very patient and explained the methods and the technology of the TECAR treatment. Now my chin is more defined and I feel more confident. Will be doing the treatments on my tummy and arms"

- Gillian, Mother of 2, Age 32


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