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What Is SkinPhix™?

It’s not any other beauty treatment

SkinPhix™ is a proprietary treatment protocol which combines manual therapy, non-invasive TECAR therapy, ultrasound therapy and electromusculostimulation for skin tightening, cellulite and adipose tissues reduction and reduction in swelling. It also provides therapeutic improvement to lymphatic circulation, blood circulation, collagen production and muscle firming. Most importantly. SkinPhix™ is developed as a non-invasive, safe and science-based treatment. Every treatment is professionally delivered with personalized care by highly experienced physiotherapists. 


Tecar uses a high frequency current that produces deep acting heat to selectively target the dermis, lymphatic, adipose and muscular levels. It promotes collagen production, skin tightening and lifting effects; improving wrinkles and sagging skin.


Ultrasound is used to produce ultrasonic cavitation. Low frequency ultrasound forms air bubbles around fat deposits under the skin. The bubbles burst and break fat deposits which are then drained by the lymphatic system.


Electrical impulses stimulate muscular contractions and strengthen muscles, reduce swelling and pain. It promotes muscle tissues healing, strengthening and shaping.


Core strengthening involves specific and safe exercises to targeted treatment areas post treatments to accelerate and enhance outcomes.


Nutrition is recommended to support and maintain the reduction of cellulite/adipose tissues post treatments.