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A Unique Combination Of Advanced Technologies

Three for treatment and three for measurement

The JÓLI360 system includes multiple breakthrough technologies; three for treatment and three for measurement. JÓLI360 uniquely combines all the benefits of cutting-edge technology and IoT. Wireless, safe, robust, and fully rechargeable. JÓLI360 not only represents the next generation of skincare treatments but also makes them simple to deliver and easy to monitor.

Combined Skincare Treatments

JÓLI360 offers synergetic treatments that bring together unique technologies and capabilities. The system's applicator enables three personalized skincare treatments ("Triple Treat"): Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Radio Frequency (RF) and Electroporation (ELP) operated by the app which enables ongoing monitoring and customization. The treatment applicator delivers, serum and gel that come in a disposable RFID-protected cartridge, for accurate and efficient treatments that work with the skin's specific needs.